What Is Black Lives Matter Essay

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There are people in America that makes us wonder why there is a world to begin with. There are people who represent the greater good of the world, and there are others who are unfortunately not for the greater good of the world. We have to constantly deal with those whose only goal in life is to bring the lives of others down to the ground; to shatter and to break them. This is what is happening now in the world, and this most likely will never change. As a result of trying to change the ways in which we live and interact with these people, there was a movement that wanted to change the lives of African-Americans, as well as other races. This movement was called “Black Lives Matter”. The people who were responsible for the creation of…show more content…
The way that the people are being used in this topic area is that it implies this notion. In this topic area, “Black Lives Matter” is referring to African-Americans who are treated unfairly and blamed for the things that doesn’t have anything to do with them. This ranges from small offenses in crimes, or from them being seen as a threat. In this case, African Americans are treated as the minorities, therefore making them the underdogs. This does not include the entire population within the world, but rather, to the people that are considered to be oppressed and not the “elite”. Margaret Canovan says “In a more restricted sense, the term can be contrasted with some kind of elite or upper class to refer not to the whole community, but to the less privileged majority of its members,” (Canovan 315). This means that “the less privileged” would refer to African Americans because they are considered to be on the lowest level of society, making them not inferior and or not important. Their community is the only one that is threatened, clearly because of their whole idea of white supremacy. Many of the people who participate in “Black Lives Matter” protests and rallies are the people who are targeted because of their race. In the article “3 Women and a Hashtag: Birth of a Movement”, Judith Brown Dianis talks about the overall goals of the “Black Lives Matter” movement. She explains how there are other groups of people involved in this movement. She says, “By refusing to quietly accept injustice, by insisting on vocalizing the pain African Americans feel in response to being profiled, harassed, and killed, Black Lives Matter ignited an impressive wave of activism, particularly among teenagers, college students, and other young people” (Dianis). By involving these other groups of people, the issue becomes a much bigger known topic. The whole movement itself is a representation of the
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