Essay on Biggest Small Town Of Northern California

Essay on Biggest Small Town Of Northern California

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Biggest Small Town in Northern California

Ukiah California, two and half hours north of San Francisco, can be missed while driving up the 101 and day dreaming for five minutes. This is where I consider my home town to be, though I lived in 4 other California cities before settling in Ukiah around the age of seven. Ukiah, or haiku backwards, was a very strong middle class city with four element schools, one middle school and high school. My parents were right in the middle of the blue-collar working class of this city; my dad (not father) is a retired postman and my mom (definitely not mother), worked at a bank until my dad retired. Growing up I can easily say I had a great childhood with very loving parents that gave me everything they could. They allowed me to be me if not to a fault because I never had any direction as to what a future would be for myself. School was only as important as getting my homework done so I could play and getting good enough grades to pass, as long as they saw I was trying. This could be due to the fact that my mom never attended college and school was not her strength in general. My dad started dating my mom when I was four years old (my mom divorced biological father, the only way I’ll ever refer to him, when I was two) and four months after dating they got married. I think this as well as other things (me being his first kid and I was already four almost five and he attended college but the degree never worked out for him) played into the fact that my dad did not make school and bigger deal for me. As far as school went for me, not easy at all and not something I saw myself doing beyond high school. At the time it didn’t seem as a necessity because it was not talked about much with-in...

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...ith as much as it lacked in the social aspects of the world. I did not have to think about rich and poor because for the most part everyone was “rich” in my eyes because a huge majority of the population was the same class. However I was limited on how far I thought my potential could reach as I did not see the benefits of higher education, the life style of those with better jobs and lives that come with all that. Looking at all my high school friends and acquaintances today I can see the influence of our small town in their lives today; most are middle class citizen with jobs they enjoy and working on passions rather then for a corporation. Not a single one of us made it big in sports or is rich by today’s standards of money. They are rich in family, friends and a lot of them are working on the passions they have to better the world they see it.

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