Being A Part Of A 12- Step Group Program Essay

Being A Part Of A 12- Step Group Program Essay

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Being a part of a 12- step group program is challenging in itself. To attend one and feel as if you are invading someone’s privacy is equally perplexing. Having members of my family be victims of alcohol addiction I was curious as to how others deal with the pain and temptation. As I searched for a meeting to attend I was excited, calm, and collected. It was pretty easy to find a meeting. I located it using google search specifically for meetings in my area. I attended an open AA meeting November 1, 2015 at 9:00a.m. The meeting fit in to my schedule perfectly. Sunday is initially my homework day, where I do everything I need to academically with no distractions. Getting there was also an easy task. The meeting was in close proximity to my home. It was held at Provena Mercy Center.
Once it was time to actually go, the madness ensued. As I entered the room I became nervous and afraid. My stomach came to feel as if it were in knots. The thought of not knowing what to expect was mind boggling, the fear of being surrounded by strangers overwhelmed my thoughts. I was nervous while looking...

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