Becoming A College Educator For Physical Therapy Essay

Becoming A College Educator For Physical Therapy Essay

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I am Uniqua Parham and I am an enthusiastic person that is very interested in working in the healthcare industry. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in health science with a pre-physical therapy tract. I am currently in my final full time semester and this summer I will be taking my final course for my degree. I chose to become a physical therapist because I have wanted to work in healthcare for a long time, but I found out as a teenager that I am squeamish with other people’s blood. As a result, I chose a career path where I could still work in healthcare but deal with as little blood as possible.
I chose to interview Mrs. Mary, Mrs. Jen, and Ms. Katonda because they all have experience with working in the hospital and that is the setting that I am looking to work in. I have also thought about becoming a college educator for physical therapy students and Mrs. Jen and Mrs. Mary are currently working as nursing lab staff, but they also work with the physical therapy staff throughout the semester.
Mrs. Mary Moore works for the Cleveland State University school of nursing as part of the lab staff. There are no products in this field. The position that Mrs. Mary holds is a clinical Nurse associate in the nursing department. The responsibilities of this position includes instruction of undergraduate students in the area of nursing skills and techniques and facilitation of simulation activities. She earned a BSN (Bachelor of Nursing) and is currently working on her MSN. Mrs. Mary has worked as a hospital nurse in oncology, bone marrow transplant unit, and in intensive care. The current salary is competitive in this area.
Mrs. Jennifer Svec also works at Cleveland State University in nursing education. She is a...

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...internship opportunities. I can also network and find an internship through family and friends. I will begin looking for an internship this coming April so that I can gain experience over the summer time before I start my graduate program.
I learned that I definitely want to continue my career path of becoming a licensed physical therapist. I wanted to explore the possibility of becoming a post-secondary educator and whether or not I wanted to work in the hospital during this process. I was surprised that no one wanted to share their salary history. I wonder if there was a particular reason for not wanting to share this information. I am also surprised that I still find the hospital an intriguing place to work after hearing some stories about the OR. I would not have done anything differently during this process. I found out exactly what I wanted to know.

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