Australia 's Largest Statistical Collection By The Australian Bureau Of Statistics

Australia 's Largest Statistical Collection By The Australian Bureau Of Statistics

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The Census of Population and Housing is Australia’s largest statistical collection by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. For more than 100 years, the Census has provided a snapshot of Australia, showing how the nation has changed over time, allowing Australia to plan for the future. The information provided in the Census helps estimate Australia’s population, which is used to distribute government funds and plan services for housing, transport, education, industry, hospitals and the environment. Census data is also used by individuals and organisations in the public and private sectors to make informed decisions on policy and planning issues that impact the lives of all Australians.

In 2016 the census was offered to the public to be completed online for the first time, the ideal result would have seen Australia step into the future of digital technology and be able to provide an easy and simple access for everyone involved. However the census site was subject to numerous problems, and resulted in hundreds of thousands of people not being able to complete the census altogether. The problems faced, involved the closure of the website; due to numerous Denial of service (DDOS) attacks, which then led to public outrage on many forms of social media including twitter via the use of the hashtag #censusfail. The use of these tweets and memes made a mockery of the Australian government and jeopardises any future belief in the government trying to move on with technology.

In attempting to analyse these tweets regarding the census fail I will be closely looking at how the public use social media and communication in commenting on public events. Furthermore I will be using the system of ATTITUDE from the appraisal framework developed by ...

... middle of paper ...

...tional way of organizing social movements by providing more sources of knowledge and increasing the speed of information exchange (Shirky 2011). This is nonetheless apparent in the tweets by the ABS who deemed the census as up and running when in fact it was in the biggest crisis it had ever been in, which were immediately mocked and cast doubt upon due to the access people had to the mistakes made by the government.

In conclusion I would like to think that twitter is a positive form of communication for the modern society, however in looking at tweets from the #censusfail in relation to the ATTITUDE theory by Martin and White, I am yet to see it as nothing more as a communal ground for people to complain and express their opinions based on nothing more than emotion, judgement and affect. Thus implying a negative communicative pattern within the Australian society.

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