The Mayo Clinic: A Performance Management Assessment

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At its most fundamental core, quality improvement of healthcare services and resources requires disciplined attention to the measurement, monitoring, and reporting of system performance (Drake, Harris, Watson, & Pohlner, 2011; Jones, 2010; Kennedy, Caselli, & Berry, 2011). Research points to performance measurement as a significant factor in enabling strategic planning processes and achievement of performance goals (Tapinos, Dyson & Meadows, 2005). Thus, without a system of measurement that accounts for the performance behaviors of healthcare professionals, managers and administrative employees, quality improvement remains a visionary abstraction (de Waal, 2004).

The Mayo Clinic (Mayo) provides a compelling and instructive example of the critical role of performance measurement in managing performance behaviors. An analysis of the Mayo approach offers insightful understanding of effective performance management practices. Accordingly, this paper reviews the Mayo performance management system from four perspectives (a) leadership strategy, (b) performance measurements, (c) human resources management, and (d) the alignment of performance with strategy. The discussion concludes with an assessment of the alignment of the elements comprising the Mayo performance management system with recommendations for strengthening those alignments.

The Mayo Clinic: A Leadership Perspective

Competitive advantage matters greatly to those responsible for the management of healthcare institutions. Together with rapidly escalating healthcare costs, increasingly complex medical technologies, and growing regulatory and legal pressures, healthcare organizations face a critical need to improve the quality of care at reduced costs (Cu...

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