Asian Focused B2b Casino System Powerhouse Xin Gaming Essay example

Asian Focused B2b Casino System Powerhouse Xin Gaming Essay example

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XIN Gaming finalises the acquisition of Tain and Betting Promotion

Back in 2013, both Tain and Betting Promotion arrived on the scene with plenty of promise in tow. Since then both companies have come together and gone from strength to strength. Considering that this is the case, the new conjoined company has caught the eye of Asian-focused B2B casino system powerhouse XIN Gaming. XIN Gaming has been on the hunt to acquire new companies for some time, with this new deal sure to boost all parties involved as a result.

While the deal was largely expected, the price paid certainly has caught a few by surprise, largely as there is a hefty price tag attached. The deal will set back XIN Gaming approximately $10 million, but they stand by the figure paid, as they see it having notable return on investment potential. Speaking on the deal and what it means for XIN Gaming moving forward, Mathias Larsson (XIN Gaming’s Managing Director) said, “This is a milestone for XIN Gaming, as this acquisition moves us up to the next level within the sector. Tain is not just a very good platform; it is also one of the most established brands in the online market. Most suppliers out there only have their own platform, and their reliance on third-party providers means they can’t offer competitive pricing to clients. However, Tain has a complete in-house offering and can therefore offer low prices to operators.”

Tain and Betting Promotion also have every right to feel excited about matters moving forward, as the brands are expect to receive a boost in funding as a result. Launched back in 1999 as a B2B betting firm, Tain has expanded rapidly over the years, with clients now ranging form local start-ups to international firms. With the backing of XIN Gam...

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