Lara Croft, the Protagonist in You

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Since the introduction of Tomb Raider video games to the world in October 1996, Lara Croft has proved to be a laudatory heroine within the world of gaming. The strong, determined, and fierce character provides her audience with the opportunity to immerse itself in an environment of mystery and daring triumph. Although traditionally Lara Croft is portrayed as an unfaltering adventurer, her most recent performance demonstrates the human and vulnerable side to her character. Tomb Raider (2013) reimagines the familiar heroine through her origin story; one filled with tragedy, sacrifice, and wavering morals. Through the strife now discovered within Croft’s history, one may question whether Lara Croft still portrays a character of great heroism. Lara Croft’s portrayal in Tomb Raider’s storyline and gameplay influence her transition into a dynamic, relatable character; thus it is through the obstacles faced in her backstory that she becomes a laudatory heroine.
The storyline of Tomb Raider (2013) contributes to Lara Croft’s depiction as a dynamic, believable character. Previously, Croft bravely dived into unknown locations and ruins unflinchingly; the same cannot be said about her portrayal in 2013. Croft is unwillingly tossed into the dangerous environment of the island of Yamatai and must fight for her survival without the opportunity to doubt her instincts. The plot opens with a shipwreck onto an uncharted island, with Lara and her acquaintances immediately exposed to the savagery of its natives. It is the spontaneous struggle between staying alive by any means and maintaining old morals that does not play a part in the old Tomb Raider series, yet plays a crucial role in the growth of Lara within her latest installment. Lara...

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...n, regardless of gender. For the entirety of the game, players will find their courage within Lara rather than watching and admiring her triumphs from the sidelines. The interaction between heroine and gamer revolutionizes the standard at which video game heroes and heroines must live up to. Rather than an image of sophistication that ordinary people may have difficulty reaching, Lara’s newfound vulnerability humanizes her struggles into a culturally accessible archetype.

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