Asian American Family Education Essay

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People form East Asian immigrate to the Unite States, which is an ethnic cultural crucible, that only is a small ethnic group. However, they have been considered to be different from other minority ethnic groups because of their high school achievement. According to Huang, Asians get higher score than whites get at schools, especially in mathematics, science and other technical areas(cited from Pang, Han,& Pang,2011; Peng& Wright,1994). As immigrants, Asian American are not only adjusting themselves to acculturation, but also bringing and keeping their own culture, habits, behaviors, and belief system. The questions are: Are there any relations between culture and achievement in Asian American family education? How does their culture influence …show more content…

Even though Confucianism was developed and influenced in China, but it also has affected a lot of Asian descendants in other countries, such as Korea and Japan, and shaped the ethnic,social, political areas of Asian cultures(Huang & Gove, 2012, P. 392). Confucius also bought up some philosophical beliefs about family education, and made up the influence of the value of education. Under the influence of Confucianism, Mao, the founding father of China, made a catchword about that education is important for human being. Every families in China paid more attention in family education and school education in order to achieved a better world of China. Based on Confucianism, Asian society and families believe that success is attributed to education achievement. Most Asian descendants regret that educational achievement leads to a better life and higher social status,such as getting a good job, or a better marriage and relationships(cited form Cheon, 2006). In other words, confucianism is the cultural belief system which leads to education become central part to most Asian families’s daily lives. Therefore, Confucianism is the root of cultural factor why Asian American have higher achievement on education. It is because Asian culture makes the families think highly of …show more content…

Therefore, knowing what to do to help children gain highly achievement and designing what kind of family activities to build a better child development is the main research purpose of this paper. As a consequence, under the cultural influence, the relationship of family members is noticeable. The cultural value affects on parenting practices, family education, and interaction of family members. People should pay more attention to children’s education, and spend more time with them in order to create better parent-child integration.(Ignat, 2015,

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