Asians and Kill Bill

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Asians and Kill Bill Sitting in the movie theater, I was baffled to see so many stereotypes touched on in one single film. These stereotypes were not just any kind of stereotype – they were those pertaining to Asians in particular. The obviousness and sheer transparency of the stereotypes made the movie look like a complete joke. The film? Kill Bill. The majority of today’s films starring Asian actors and actresses often contain numerous stereotypes. They cater to the biased views that most non-Asians have of Asian ethnicity and culture. What they do not know they make up for in ignorance and ridicule in one of today’s top forms of mass media. By using a widespread style of media in today’s pop culture, more and more people are being displayed the fabricated stereotypes of Asians. In one of the more commonly portrayed stereotypes in film, Asians are often portrayed as great martial artists. Martial arts seem to come less as a skill and more a natural ability to someone who is Asian. Somehow, it’s right in our blood. Actors who have contributed to t...
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