Essay about Army Transformation

Essay about Army Transformation

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The Army has transformed several times during its history. Adapting to the operational environment is a necessity for the force called upon to prosecute its adversaries. The Army must do what is necessary to protect the U.S. against all enemies, and advance the national interests of the American people. To accomplish this, anticipation of threats is crucial and victory against its adversaries is an imperative. The nation relies on the military for strategic level deterrence and expects that it will be decisive in combat operations. For the military to be successful, it is important that transformation adapt to meet these expectations by conforming to the requirements of a successful force of the future in order meet any new threats in any environment around the world.

The whole of military activity must therefore relate directly or indirectly to the engagement. The end for which a soldier is recruited, clothed, armed, and trained, the whole object of his sleeping, eating, drinking, and marching is simply that he should fight at the right place and the right time. (Clausewitz, 1976)
Past military events have demonstrated the importance of anticipation and preparation for a wide spectrum of missions and capabilities. To conduct these operations, the U.S. Military must prepare to move and conduct them anywhere in the world. The Military must also have the capability to conduct low intensity wars against an ill-defined enemy as well as major conventional style conflicts against major states.
Early in World War II, Germany decisively demonstrated the devastating effect of a new paradigm in military power. The allies had to play catch up and adapt quickly in order to survive. Germany’s early success quic...

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...strategic force that is both joint and expeditionary capable for any future contingency. As indicated by past military events, the anticipation and preparation for a wide spectrum of missions and capabilities will continue to ensure that the Army is the force for the 21st century.

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