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  • War

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    be considered is what is war and what is its definition. The student of war needs to be careful in examining definitions of war, for like any social phenomena, definitions are varied, and often the proposed definition masks a particular political or philosophical stance paraded by the author. This is as true of dictionary definitions as well as of articles on military or political history. Cicero defines war broadly as "a contention by force"; Hugo Grotius adds that "war is the state of contending

  • Profits of War

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    the benefit of war. The soldier paid his time in misery, but now gets to spend eternity in peace, the ultimate payoff. War does not only have to be the declared violence between nations, but can include the war inside an individual's mind, turmoil between loved ones as well. All of these conflicts may be destructive, however they may bring new opulence, if the trial is fronted correctly. There are many examples throughout the history of the human race that because the faction waged war between each

  • War Horse

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    is “War should not be a place for children.” I decided to do this topic because i was inspired by the film War Horse directed by Steven Spielberg. In the film there were two young German boys who were sent to war underage and they were killed. This inspired me to do this topic because i was interested about how the events of World War 1 has impacted on the use of child soldiers today. It also made me curious about the consequences for the children and the society of children fighting in wars. In

  • Religious Wars

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    Religious Wars Religion has played a key role in wars and death. Religion is the basis of belief for humans, it is a belief that there is a higher being that watches over us guiding us, a belief that there is life after death and if we follow these beliefs we shall enter heaven the most beautiful place. However religion has also played a role in wars, religious conflicts in Ireland (Protestants and Catholics). Israelis and Arabs (Holy Land) and the Holy Crusades of the eleventh century (recapturing

  • The Psychology of War

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    “In war, there are no unwounded solders.” Often, people tend to look at the physical aspects of war, such as demanding fitness required or the numerous bodily injuries one can suffer. While the physical aspects of battle are horrifying, the mental aspect of war is just as bad if not worse. For centuries, war has forced young men away from their families and loved ones to fight in battle often in harsh conditions. Being removed from loved ones in order to put your life on the line is very mentally

  • The War Of The Vietnam War

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    Johnson chose to Americanize the war in Vietnam.” Although Johnson chose to enter America into the war, there were events previous that caused America to enter and take over the war. The South Vietnamese were losing the war against Communism – giving Johnson all the more reason to enter the war, and allowing strong American forces to help stop communism. There were other contributing factors leading up to the entrance of the war; America helped assist the French in the war, Johnson’s politics, the Tonkin

  • Fuel Wars

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    Fuel Wars A response to the increasing gas prices Over the past two years, it has been said that gas prices would begin to rise in 1999. Immediately, this news grasped the attention of the business sector and public. Both spent their time devising a plan, on how to keep the prices low, but the time has come for these plans to begin working. The fuel prices have increased dramatically and the economy is now starting to feel the effect. Around the world, the increase of the price of crude oil has hit

  • The War Of The Vietnam War

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    safe to call the war insane, take one moment to embrace those gentle heroes you left behind. David Giffy (Vietnam veteran) Vietnam War lasted from 1959 until 1975 and had grave consequences that influenced greatly not only the history of Vietnam itself but of other countries as well. It was a civil war where the belligerents, South Vietnam and North Vietnam, were supported by such world powers as the USA and the USSR and their allies respectively. Though the main aim of the war was to unify Vietnam

  • War and Society: Is War a Cultural or Biological Phenomenon?

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    War is strongly ingrained into our world today whether we like it or not and while it may seem more prevalent and worse lately considering the advances in technology and the increase in hysteria over security, war is not a recent adjunct to society. That poses the question, where does war come from? As human beings, are we hard-wired biologically to fight each other or is it a behaviour influenced by peers and morals? What is war? According to the thefreedictionary.com online dictionary, war

  • How Does War Affect The War Essay

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    War changes everyone involved in one way or another. For some it physical changes them because they get physical deformed, but for most people, war changes their mental state. War changes people’s mental state because of the duties that they have to perform and the experiences that they have to see. Tim O’Brien shows how the characters mental states changed throughout the book, because of the war. In the story “How to Tell a True War Story” Bob “Rat” Kiley loses his best friend, Curt Lemon, right

  • War is Hell, War is Peace - War is Necessary

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    War is controversial, unfortunate, and certainly misunderstood; it is a transforming agent, a catalyst for change. Nonetheless, many people focus on war's negative consequences, while positive effects are downplayed. War is a necessary evil in the sense that it stabilizes population, encourages technological advances, and has a very high economic value. Without war, the overpopulation of the human race is inevitable. It is this reason that war is a useful tool by not only Mother Nature, but also

  • The Cold War And The War Of The Korean War

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    ​The Korean War was a war between North Korea and South Korea that involved the support of the world’s most powerful countries. “ It was the only occasion in the Cold War when the military forces of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), the Soviet Union, and the USA (plus its Western allies) met in combat” (Malkasian 5). The Korean War was the first “hot war” of the Cold War which ended in a stalemate creating the two Koreas. Leading Up to the War ​During World War I, the Japanese tried to claim

  • War Is Kind Analysis

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    War changes people lives, thoughts, and ideas. People never know what truly happens to them until the war is over and they have returned to their normal livelihood. Families are ecstatic and excited to see their sons returning from a dangerous mission such as war. In many instances, people do not understand or fathom the depth of what their child has been through during the period of war. Some authors notice and sometimes try to explain the changes of people who return from war, and use them in poems

  • War Interrelated Women

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    conflicts, and in particular women and children; while 100 years ago, war affected ten percent of the civilian population, it now impacts on 90 percent, of which women and children constitute the majority (Heynes, 2003) (16. Helen Scanlon Reading). The French soldiers used violence against the Algerian population as a way to quiet down any thoughts of revolting against the French colony. Sexual violence has been integral to war strategies in many African contexts, but unfortunately the role of armies

  • The Italian Wars

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    The Italian Wars The Italian Wars 1494-1559: - Introduction: The key issues over which the Italian Wars were fought were primarily financial incentives for Charles VIII of France. He declared that he intended to use Naples as a base to drive the Ottomans out of Europe and liberate Constantinople. In actual truth his main motivation was self-glory and the mouth-watering prospect of acquiring some exquisite prizes of war. On the way he would acquire rich cities and portable pieces of art. It

  • The Forgotten War: The Korean War

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    Korean War was a difficult time for many people. Americans were worried that the soldiers wouldn't come back, and some of them never did. Even though it was called the Korean War, North and South Korea were not the only countries involved in the war. Countries from all over the world either sent troops or supplies to both North and South Korea. Although the Korean war only lasted three years, its four stages of the war were harsh and took many lives, and is now often called the Forgotten War. The

  • Christians and War pacifism

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    had been debating about Christians with War. Christians was confused with God, as they did not understand what God wills regarding war. Are Christians allowed to go to war, or should they be pacifist about it? The bible contains both stories and parables that talks about war. There are many types of Christians (different perspective). Some Christians believe in war pacifism, while some do not. Christians who believe in war pacifism think that violence or war is totally unacceptable. On the other hand

  • The Wars - Timothy Findley

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    Timothy Findley pieced The Wars together like a giant jigsaw puzzle. When putting a puzzle together, a person must start off on the outside and work his/her way in, slowly adding piece upon piece until a clear overall picture is seen. Readers have to realize that the themes, characters, and setting within this book operate like puzzle pieces; they each weave themselves within the story and within each other. Their connections are the bonds that hold the book together, and one of the bonds at this

  • The Influence Of War In Beowulf

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    War back then was much more honorable and noble than war in today’s time. In those times, war had such an outstanding influence on society and its' culture because war was what they lived for. Children were raised to grow up and fight for their countries. There was so much honor in fighting and dying for your country. On the other hand, today's soldiers are sent into war just for economic gain. Beowulf felt so much pride in war and fighting to defend his town from his only son. In Beowulf war is

  • “The Allegory of Peace and War”

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    affection towards select paintings have made them intriguing as to the purpose behind their creation. In modern day terms, we can probably conclude that his love for antiquity and art led to a passion for projects such as his "Allegory of Peace and War." Works Cited Bowron, Edgar Peters., Peter Björn. Kerber, and Pompeo Batoni. Pompeo Batoni: Prince of Painters in Eighteenth-century Rome. New Haven: Yale UP, 2007. 100-50. Print. Matthews, Ruppert. "Origins of Saluting." History Extra. Immediate