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  • War

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    be considered is what is war and what is its definition. The student of war needs to be careful in examining definitions of war, for like any social phenomena, definitions are varied, and often the proposed definition masks a particular political or philosophical stance paraded by the author. This is as true of dictionary definitions as well as of articles on military or political history. Cicero defines war broadly as "a contention by force"; Hugo Grotius adds that "war is the state of contending

  • wars

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    elaborating on state institutions and governance as one of the causes that leads to civil war, I will now focus on a more detailed but prevalent cause of civil war, which is the ethnic diversity. Ethnic diversity falls under the grievance explanation. The grievance explanation identifies dissatisfaction and frustration as the main motivation for conflict. Based on grievance, seeking for justice is the main cause of civil wars. Many states have ethnic diversity which creates this sense of injustice and encourages

  • War of All Wars - Original Writing

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    War of All Wars - Original Writing The sky turned an evil black as the arrows departed the bows of the Centaurs who were in formation at the top of the keep. The castle of Zeus was taking a battering but the battalions of beasts stood firm. The Humans, who were attacking from the North, were overwhelmingly outnumbered yet seemed to be brave. The settlement was on the shores of Athens and the Aegean Sea, the only way the humans were to “win this war of wars” was to attack from the land. Half

  • Profits of War

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    the benefit of war. The soldier paid his time in misery, but now gets to spend eternity in peace, the ultimate payoff. War does not only have to be the declared violence between nations, but can include the war inside an individual's mind, turmoil between loved ones as well. All of these conflicts may be destructive, however they may bring new opulence, if the trial is fronted correctly. There are many examples throughout the history of the human race that because the faction waged war between each

  • The Psychology of War

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    “In war, there are no unwounded solders.” Often, people tend to look at the physical aspects of war, such as demanding fitness required or the numerous bodily injuries one can suffer. While the physical aspects of battle are horrifying, the mental aspect of war is just as bad if not worse. For centuries, war has forced young men away from their families and loved ones to fight in battle often in harsh conditions. Being removed from loved ones in order to put your life on the line is very mentally

  • Religious Wars

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    Religious Wars Religion has played a key role in wars and death. Religion is the basis of belief for humans, it is a belief that there is a higher being that watches over us guiding us, a belief that there is life after death and if we follow these beliefs we shall enter heaven the most beautiful place. However religion has also played a role in wars, religious conflicts in Ireland (Protestants and Catholics). Israelis and Arabs (Holy Land) and the Holy Crusades of the eleventh century (recapturing

  • The War Of The Civil War

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    Civil War. An envelope is printed, painted and dispersed. Unnamed, the print is referred to as a Civil War envelope showing woman pouring a drink for a wounded soldier as a battle rages in the background. Although it does not contain a formal title or a claimed artist the print depicts various social constructs and developing principles that were in attendance throughout the Civil War. The establishment of Lithography on envelopes became a key component of social change during the civil war. The print

  • The War Of The Vietnam War

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    safe to call the war insane, take one moment to embrace those gentle heroes you left behind. David Giffy (Vietnam veteran) Vietnam War lasted from 1959 until 1975 and had grave consequences that influenced greatly not only the history of Vietnam itself but of other countries as well. It was a civil war where the belligerents, South Vietnam and North Vietnam, were supported by such world powers as the USA and the USSR and their allies respectively. Though the main aim of the war was to unify Vietnam

  • The War Against the War

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    regarding the decision to go to war as a result to 9/11. These two articles each take an opposing stances to the other, one subtly supporting the war as a success, and one against the repercussions the war created. Although they’re both published during recent weeks, it is fascinating to see how the world is still divided amongst itself on this issue, an issue thought to have been solved when Obama was voted as the new president in 2008 (2008, 2009), who promised the end of the war (Mason, 2010). On one hand

  • War

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    with Islam. This battle of just one year is the very beginning of what will soon be a 30-year war named the Crusades; however, in truth the Crusades will never truly end. “Glory be to Islam who took the city of Jerusalem,” or so they thought. The first Crusade began in 1076 as the Muslim Turks invaded the city and took over. The Turks shunned Christian pilgrims who visited the holy land, making a holy war between Christians and Muslims. From all over Europe great nobles, clergy, and peasants began