How The Allies Won World War II

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During World War II, Germany’s military was superior to anyone else in the world, with far more advanced technology, tactics, and weaponry. They had a fearless leader who would stop at nothing to make his country great again. Their closest rival, the Soviet Union, was almost out of the picture with a death toll of over 26 million. On top of that, Germany had nothing to lose, and would not conceivably stop. So how then, with all odds against them, did the Allies win the war? A combination of factors affected Germany’s downfall, such as lack of morale, unwieldy weapons, and failure to work with its so-called allies. One very basic factor in the Allies’ victory was the forming of the Allies themselves. Neither France nor Great Britain could have fought the Axis powers on their own, nor were the two nations on the best of terms at the time. However, they found a common enemy in Germany. Also, without help from the other Allied nations, it is more than likely that the USSR would not have survived the war. The Allies went beyond simply supplying each other with rations, weapons, and equipment. This alliance allowed them to coordinate war efforts between each other. Timothy Stewart, a student of history at the University of Minnesota, stated in his essay Why the Allies Won World War II that “Had the British and Americans not found a way to work with the ideologically disparate Soviets, the outcome of the war likely would have been different indeed… The Allies coordinated their efforts through a central staff and thus managed to ensure that good decisions were being made” (6). Hitler, on the other hand, did not necessarily ally, so to speak, with the other Axis powers, nor did he cooperate well with his own staff. Hun... ... middle of paper ... ...e victory over two others who work together. Having the best technology doesn’t guarantee victory over older, simpler technology. The spirit will overcome. So what does it all mean? Does good always triumph over evil? Will justice always prevail? Probably not, but it can’t hurt one’s chances, can it? Works Cited Stewart, Timothy. "Why the Allies Won World War II." N.p., 06/07/2006. Web. 21 Oct 2010. Writer, Staff. "Maschinenpistole 40 (MP40)." N.p., 02/11/09. Web. 21 Oct 2010. Pike, John. "Mosin-Nagant M1891/1930." N.p., 22/04/2006. Web. 21 Oct 2010. Sturges, John, Dir. The Great Escape. Dir. John Sturges." Perf. McQueen, Steve. MGM Studios: 1963, Film. Jacques-Annaud, Jean, Dir. Enemy At The Gates. Dir. Jean Jacques-Annaud." Perf. Law, Jude. Paramount Pictures: 2001, Film.

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