Essay on Animal Experimentation Should Be Stopped

Essay on Animal Experimentation Should Be Stopped

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The question of whether or not animals ought to have rights, is perhaps one of the most hotly debated topics in the contemporary society. Many people widely regard animals as sentient creatures that do not have rights of their own. Such a notion has led to the increasing objectification of animals as human property. Consequently, animals are often utilized as service providers to human beings. However, an increasing number of people believe that animals are entitled to rights, which are equivalent to those accorded to human beings. Therefore, they should not be treated any different from humans. Since animals are living creatures, they should be entitled to their own rights, and should not be utilized as service providers to human beings. This paper explores how animals are wrongly used as service providers to humans, in spite of the fact that they are also living creatures that ought to be treated like human beings.
Firstly, animal experimentation should be stopped because it continues to objectify animals as instruments for providing services to humans. The extensive use of animals to inform both scientific and medical research can be perceived as nothing short of exploitation. Animals are unfairly exploited by humans as pawns to advance medical research that can potentially reduce human suffering (Keller, 2015). However, animal experimentation raises a lot of ethical concerns since it is cruel and inhumane. Most animals used in research experiments are subjected to conditions which compel them to experience immense pain and suffering both physically and psychologically. Most researchers have argued that while animals are incapable of either talking or reasoning like human beings, they are capable of experiencing pain and suffe...

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... to objects of providing entertainment and amusement to humans while being held captive in zoos, circus, and aquariums. Instead, they should be allowed to enjoy their freedom in the wild. Animals are often utilized as objects of providing human service in the form of entertainment and aesthetic amusement. The inability of animals to express their sentiments should not be used by humans to manipulate animals. If animals could talk, they would underline the fact that they do not wish to perform confusing and demeaning tricks for the amusement of other people. However, animals held captive in zoos, circus, and aquariums have no option but to serve as entertainment objects for humans. Animals are often extracted from their natural setting in the wild to be confined in artificial environments with limited freedom. In these artificial environments, the animals are not only

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