Animal Testing Should Be Banned Essay

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Should animal testing be banned? Now,animal testing is still a controversial subject, and the scientists are facing an increasing problem, which more and more people appeal to stop animal testing. The original purpose of animal testing was inventing drugs for human diseases. For example, Scutti (2013) states that 98 of Nobel Prizes awarded for Physiology or Medicine, 75 were directly dependent on research from animals. The four non-animal experiment prize winners were also relied on the data, which obtained from other animal research groups. However, as people think about animal rights, and the news that animals are suffering in the experiment, people began to consider to stop all animal testing. The animal testing should be not be banned,…show more content…
According to the book “Science, Medicine, and Animals” by Committee on the Use of Animals in Research, National Academy of Sciences (1991), the animals also provide protection to a lot of endangered animals. The scientists can invent medicine, which is used to treat animal diseases, from animal experiments. Animal experiments can study the habit of animals, and help build suitable living environment for endangered animals. In addition, the animals who born in the laboratory have higher survival rate then the animals born in the nature. The most important thing is that, after the experiments, the animals will be released to the natural. So, the animal experiments can help animal…show more content…
The people claim that, animal testing infringes animal’s rights, make animal suffering in the experiments, and some of animal experiments may never useful to human beings. This is true, but we cannot stop animal testing. According to the article “Facts about Animal Research” by Cook (2006), the smallpox have been disappear from the earth because scientists get vaccines from cows. Also, the scientists get insulin, which is the only drug, which can control diabetes, from dogs and fishes. Many medicines are related to medical animal experiments, we cannot give up medical animal experiments. In addition, people consider that animal are suffering in the experiments. But according to the author Harish (2011), there are 44% of animals were used in experiments, which involve pain. What’s more, most of animals are get pain relief drugs in the experiments. That can make animals do not feel pain. So, the medical animal testing should be

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