Animal Testing in Cosmetics

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Simple household items such as lotions, shampoos and cosmetics aren’t very expensive and are within reach for the public, yet the public is not knowledgeable of the fact that the products that they use everyday are put through a series of tests which involve the use of harmless animals. Several large commercial companies do not make products for animals; they decide that using these harmless creatures for the testing of their products, could be cause to be harmful to animals still go forward with these types of procedures on an everyday basis. Although these animals are unable to defend themselves or signs of any form of consent for the near death procedures, these companies find this as a cheap solution for testing their products before placing them on the market. There are many other alternatives to testing animals such as embryonic stem cell research. Animal experimentation is wrong and it can be avoided but companies which are greedy for money chose not to. Animal experimentation is not reliable form of experimenting because humans and animals have completely different immune systems. Items that humans use for pain suppressants could prove to be very harmful to small animals. For example, several small mice at an unknown non government funded facility were given aspirin although in theory it is said that mice and rats have an immune system similar to that of a human being, the rats used for the testing were unable to handle the level of toxins in the aspirin tablet that a human can handle fairly easily, several of these rats and mice died. The torture of these innocent creatures is another example of corporate greed which has gotten to the point that harming innocent creatures is considered the best possible and “cheapest” ... ... middle of paper ... ...e same products but different companies putting more than one animal at risk, these tests can be stopped if the government stops allowing large companies to put these animals at risk simple household products these animals are living beings with feelings and emotions and deserve to life a long and happy life like any human being. Animal Cruelty Prevention Act tries to stop animal cruelty and experiments but the commercial companies tend to get away with it because they find loop holes and they are very wealth. They also save millions of dollars by experimenting on animals and not using the slightly costlier alternatives such as cell cultures, corneal and skin tissue cultures, corneas from eye banks, and computer and mathematical models. Animals can be gentle and graceful if they were allowed to be. But people see them as something terrible waiting to cause trouble.
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