Animal Testing Argument Essay

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Every year, more and more diseases and sicknesses need cures. The need for new medicine and treatments procedures causes animal research to increase. People that are involved in the fight for animal rights say that the animals should be protected just like humans. However, animal testing can find cures for deadly sick humans, which is more important than the very rare unfair abuse to animals. Animal testing should be allowed because although it can be bothersome to some animals, the outcomes are exaggerated, it creates procedures, and it helps find a cure to human health problems.
When many people think of animal testing, the average person thinks about millions of dogs and cats being injected with dangerous chemicals and substances. However, this is usually not the case. 61% of animals that have been used for research suffered absolutely no pain. 31% have had their pain numbed by anesthesia. Only 6% of animals tested actually experienced pain. The misconception of millions of animals being tortured is extremely wrong. 6% is not very many animals that actually experience any type of pain. Also, the pain is usually helpful to show how the procedure would harm humans. The animals’ pain actually saves human beings pain. Animal Testers are seen as the “bad guys”, when less than one dog/cat is used for research and studies for every 50 destroyed by animal pounds across the country. Millions and millions of animals are euthanized when they cannot be taken care of in a shelter anymore. Another assumption made with animal testing is that it is mostly dogs and cats. However, less than 1.5% of testing is done on these species of animals. Humans share 95% of the genes with a mouse, which makes them a great model for the human body (Animal R...

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... of drugs that are tested and are effective on animals, fail in human clinical trials because they are too much of a risk or do not work. However, scientists would never even have the opportunity to try to find new medicines if they could not test them on animals. Sometimes, medicines will fail, but it is better than not trying to find cures at all. Animal testing is still better than no testing at all, even if few animals are harmed.
Animal testing should be continued because the actual processes and outcomes are exaggerated, it helps create more procedures, and it finds cures to human health problems. A sacrifice of a few animals is worth the effort of trying to preserve the presence of human beings. Animal testing is fair, as long as the pain is reduced or stopped. Animals are important, but humans are necessary in our world today.
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