Should Animal Testing Be Banned Essay

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Using animals as testing models for scientific research has become one of the serious issues in the world. According to, almost 26 million animals are used for scientific testing every year in the United States, and more than 10 thousand animals died in those testing experiments. Many scientists believe that animal testing is necessary because it can help humans to develop more scientific research. However, the truth is that many animal testing experiments usually fail when they are used in humans. Therefore, animal testing should be banned because human’s DNA is not similar to animals, there have better ways, and animals have right.
Proponents of animal testing often claim that in some ways since humans are similar to animals, the
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The truth is that there are other better ways to get more accurate results. According to the study is shown in Alternatives to Animal Testing, there are many different ways can alternate the animal testing, such as in vitro, research with human volunteers, and computer modeling. For example, the human volunteer is one kind of way, which better than animal testing. According to the news from, the doctor, who is Sergio Canavero, finds a volunteer, Valery Spiridonov, agrees to make a surgery about head translate. It shows that some of the people agree to become a volunteer to help the study and it does not only help them but also help other people who face the same disease around the world. Therefore, other methods are accurate than animal testing. Animal testing should be banned because there have other better ways and no matter how many times of animal testing success, the sciences always test the new drugs on humans after animal testing are…show more content…
The truth is that animals have right and humans cannot ignore their rights ever they cannot express their mind through speaking. According to the article” Save the Animals: Stop Animal Testing,” animals’ right are violated when the sciences are doing the research and there are many similar ways between humans and animals, such as feel and behave. Even though animals cannot express their opinion, they still feel, think, and experience pain. When the sciences use animals to do the research, humans still need to respect them because of animals’ right. Animals have their opinion ever they cannot explain and humans have duties to protect animals’ right. Animal testing should be banned because humans need to respect their mind.
In conclusion, animal testing is not only violated animals’ right but also are not the better ways in research. And the genes are different between animals and humans. Humans need to improve their ways to get the scientific experiences and forbid to animal testing in order to improve our life and animals’

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