Analysis Of Tahira Taqi 's Personal Statement Essay

Analysis Of Tahira Taqi 's Personal Statement Essay

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Tahira Taqi – Personal Statement

I can remember the first time someone questioned why I wore a hijab. I was in second grade, and a little boy on the playground asked me if I was bald or if my head was cold. A simple question, brought on by a lack of understanding, led to my first realization at seven years old that I was openly different as a Muslim in the U.S. Many people view this difference as a possible hindrance to success; instead, I view it as an opportunity to lead. Being different provides me with perspectives and ideas that others lack, which motivates me to continuously seek out leadership opportunities and enhance the public’s knowledge on important topics.

I started to assume leadership opportunities in high school and continued to develop as a leader in college. I voiced my opinions in class and initiated discussion in team projects. I sought internships that would help me grow as a leader and broaden my range of skills, making a deliberate effort to surround myself with people of different disciplines and viewpoints to learn the most from every experience. For example, my internship at the Center for the Creation of Economic Wealth consisted of mostly engineering and quantitative-focused individuals, but I was motivated to learn more about economic development and how it impacted public relations. This developed my knowledge of and experience with technology commercialization, utilizing problem and solution analysis, customer discovery, value chain and business model analysis, and financial analysis and implementation. This internship was my first exposure to the connection between business and strategic communications, engaging me in a real-world, high-impact project that changed my outlook on public relations.

... middle of paper ... life and will continue to be essential while I pursue my MBA. I can see that the Spears School of Business has an engaged community of students, professors and administration, and I know I will fit in this environment. I hope to assume leadership roles and make an impact within the school and the MBA Student Association, just as I intend to make an impact in my career, benefitting organizations, the community and individuals alike.

With a Masters of Business Administration from Oklahoma State University’s Spears School of Business, I will be well positioned to succeed in a career in strategic communication, management and consulting. The challenge, rigor and growth I will experience both inside and outside the classroom at the Spears School of Business will enable me to more significantly and effectively influence and impact organizations within the community.

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