Essay on Analysis Of Matt Groening 's ' The Simpsons '

Essay on Analysis Of Matt Groening 's ' The Simpsons '

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Matt Groening is very smart, hard working and argumentatively one of the best comedic animation masterminds of all time. As you may know, he has created the longest running US animated T.V. series ‘The Simpsons’. They first aired on the ‘Tracy Ullman Show’on April 19, 1989. I think Groening has done a lot for the world of adult animation comedy or even animation all together. Spawning a lot of new shows like ‘Family Guy’ probably from ‘The Simpsons’ show although Groening is only one man, getting where he is today undoubtedly took some hard work and most definitely had to overcome some grim times or road blocks. Even withThe Simpsons, 'his comic strip 'Life In Hell’ in which he draws himself and futurama Groening still comes out on top.
One of these roadblocks was an episode from the Simpsons ‘A Street Car Named Marge’ Karma Waltonen says Waltonen K. (2009) “New Orleans residents were highly offended by the first song in “Oh, Streetcar”. This particular problem resulted in an apology via chalkboard gag stating I will not defame New Orleans” (para. 4). When this show a...

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