Jay Leno: Hard Work and Success in the Comedy Industry

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Jay Leno: Hard Work and Success in the Comedy Industry

At a young age it is instilled in the mind that hard work pays off, and that following these words of wisdom can ultimately lead to success throughout life. For those skeptics and nonbelievers, Jay Leno has been a real-life example in proving this theory through his great success in the comedy industry. Though Jay Leno is known as the king of late night television today, he didn’t start out on top, and it was a long journey to get there. Jay’s success didn’t happen over night and for most of his life he was constantly working towards his goals and the achievements he now holds. During Jay’s childhood, his goals and dreams became set in his mind, and his journey as an aspiring comedian began. As Leno grew older and began searching for employment, he was forced to see the harsh reality of the hard work that becoming a comedian would entail. Finally, after many years of working towards his ambitions, Jay reached his “pay off” as becoming the host of The Tonight Show, where he enjoys enormous success and a loyal audience. In fall of 2009, Jay will face a different challenge in his career in hosting a new show in a prime time slot on NBC. Though Jay Leno’s journey to success may have been a difficult one, it is obvious that he now reaps the benefits of his constant efforts toward advancing in his career. Though ‘hard work pays off’ can seem to be a meaningless and empty phrase for some, in Jay Leno’s case the saying rings true.

Even at an early age, Jay Leno began working towards his goal of becoming a comedian. On April 28, 1950, James Douglas Muir Leno was born in New Rochelle New York. Jay was born to Angelo Leno of Italian descent, and Cathryn Muir a Scottish immigrant. ...

... middle of paper ... his excellent work ethic and the effort it took him to get to the top. Jay’s down to earth attitude and comedic appeal have helped him to earn success in the industry, but mainly his willingness to work hard has brough him to accomplish his main goal in life; to become a successful comedian. All throughout Jay’s life he focused in on his dream and put in the effort needed to achieve his dream. After working countless nights for many years he finally was able to hit it big in becoming the host of The Tonight Show, where he dominates the ratings and generates a large audience. Now thanks to Jay’s ambitious attitude, he was able to reach his goals and see that hard work really does pay off. In the words of Jay Leno himself, “I figure that eventually things will go my way. Ambition wins over genius 99 percent of the time” (“Jay Leno: Leading…”, par. 11)