Will Ferrell and teh World of Comedy

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Will Ferrell and the World of Comedy

He is a towering 6'3, has wildly curly hair, stunning blue eyes, and is one of the world's most respected comedic actors. Who is it? It's Will Ferrell! The star of many hit comedies, including Old School, Anchorman, Elf, and Talladega Nights,Will has been making people laugh ever since his 7-year run on Saturday Night Live. Unfortunately, when he first started on the show, people looked to him as being one of the most annoying cast members in the history of the show. His career almost seemed like a joke! However, Will went on to overcome his negative self-image in the world of comedy by surprisingly becoming a hit on SNL, making box-office topping movies, and using “funnies” to tune the youth into political issues.

Ferrell had a rough start on SNL. However, he had gladly won the hearts of viewers as he did more impressions and skits (“Biography”). Some of his most famous spot-on impressions included James Lipton, Harry Caray, Alex Trebek, Neil Diamond, and perhaps most famously George Bush. His most famous sketches include “The Spartan Cheerleader,” “Celebrity Jeopardy,” and “More Cowbell.”

Things were starting to turn around for Ferrell. Because he was doing great on the show, he believed he was ready to tackle one of the biggest challenges yet: a full-time movie career. Producers of the show didn't want to lose Ferrell quite yet, so as a way to keep him, they raised his salary to over $350,000 per live show. However, the money wasn't enough to hold him from wanting to do what he would later go on to love.

In 2002, Ferrell's cast mates and producers all came together at the end of his last show as a way of saying goodbye. It was one of the first times on the show that the cast had done...

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