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  • Zen Buddhism and Bart Simpson?

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    Zen Buddhism and Bart Simpson? Professor’s comment: The following essay is only one of a series of mind-bending ones that Rob wrote for my class, essays that demonstrated not just a quirky sense of humor but also a razor-sharp intellect and distinctive voice. This particular essay was written in response to an assignment asking students to explain a concept. From the first line of this essay, I knew I was on to something special: how many people would choose to explain an element of Zen Buddhism

  • The Impact of The Simpsons on American Children

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    The Impact of The Simpsons on American Children The Simpsons is one of Americas most popular television shows for viewers under eighteen years of age. However, the ideals that The Simpsons conveys are not always wholesome, sometimes not even in good taste. It is inevitable that The Simpsons is affecting children. Matt Groening took up drawing to escape from his troubles in 1977. At the time, Groening was working for the L.A. Reader, a free weekly newspaper. He began working on

  • Do The Simpsons Follow the Conventions of a Typical Sitcom?

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    doesn’t always get along with his in laws. Bart is very naughty, but we still understand where he’s coming from. Lisa is very clever and she does sometimes get some grief for being too clever. The Simpson family are not rich and do go through money problems just like the rest of us. They are like a factual family to a certain extent. The Simpsons begins with an opening sequence; we firstly hear the angelic singing of The Simpsons accompanied by soft music. Fluffy white

  • Cartoon The Simpsons

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    Cartoon The Simpsons The Simpsons first came to life in the waiting room out side James L Brook's office the executive producer of the Tracy Ullman show where Matt Groeing was sitting there sketching away. He created all the characters inside 15 minutes and named them all after his own family. They were first shown as 30-second bumpers in the Tracy Ullman show. Bumpers are shown before the adverts to make them more interesting. In the bumpers the Simpsons characters

  • Shoeless Joe

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    The Simpsons is undeniably the best show to ever be shown on television. Every episode is a timeless classic, subtle Simpson’s humor and doesn't depend on common jokes that so many rip-off cartoon shows and sitcoms use today. It is original, and no other show can ever top its humor. The characters are all amazingly funny and they always think of the most surprising and hilarious things to say. The Simpsons is one of the few shows that have managed to retain its popularity over the years. Bart pulls

  • Familialism In The Simpsons

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    main focus on one of the highest rated comedies, The Simpsons, is the comparison the show has towards a traditional North American family. A brief overview of the show, consists of The Simpsons, as a well-known cartoon family living in a town called Springfield. The family members include father and husband Homer Simpson, mother and wife Marge Simpson, and their three children, oldest and youngest daughter, Lisa, and Maggie and their only son Bart. Therefore, by gathering concise information concerning

  • Does Homer Know Best?

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    Sitcoms like The Simpsons, are used to show that the traditional family is not what it is played out to be on other shows like Father Knows Best, The Jetsons and Leave it to Beaver. The Simpsons challenges and upholds the traditional sitcom while representing the American nuclear family as a unique and lovable family. Like most shows that come out of Hollywood, The Simpsons is pro-Democrat and against Republican views. This show suggests that not following the traditional family roles will you give

  • Analysis of the Opening Sequence of the Simpsons

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    Analysis of the Opening Sequence of the Simpsons Matt Groening changed television forever when he brought animation back to primetime with this immortal nuclear family. It was first screened on 14th January 1990 and it has become one of the world’s most famous cartoon as it always captured a regular audience of 24 million each week. It has also established itself as an award-winning international pop culture phenomenon. It is the longest-running sitcom of all time

  • The Simpsons Television Show as a Pop Culture Icon

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    the dysfunctional trend returned in the late 1980's with the popularity of the raucous "Married With Children." However, no non-traditional American family sitcom has been as well as received and critically acclaimed "The Simpsons", which began in the 1990's. "The Simpsons" was not a hit from the start. It was criticized for its supposed negative influence on children, which may or may not have actually occurred, although its viewership in the beginning was, in fact, primarily under the age

  • The Simpsons

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    The Simpsons A sitcom is a situational comedy television series. Sitcoms usually use comic devices to make them funny like puns, violence and exaggeration. They use satire, farce, parody, jokes, gags and slapstick to entertain the audience. Sitcoms usually last 30 minutes if shown on commercial TV and they involve chracters having problems which they try to sort out. "Leaver it to Beaver" was about a typical, white middle-class 1950's family that had problems and worked