An Entrepreneur As Someone That Has Started A Business Essay

An Entrepreneur As Someone That Has Started A Business Essay

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I think of an entrepreneur as someone that has started a business to take advantage of a market opportunity. They are leaders who are courageous, they are willing to take risks and exercise initiative. Entrepreneurs are innovative and often develop disruptive products or ideas.
Am I an entrepreneur? I haven’t started what I’d call a “real” business and therefore I don’t believe that I’m an entrepreneur. I do believe that I have the necessary attributes to be entrepreneurial as I often come up with good ideas and my critical reasoning ability has been identified by others as one of my strengths. I have worked in managerial roles for approximately 18 years and by all accounts, do a good job. The skills required to be a good manager align with those linked to entrepreneurs, the only difference is that I have not taken the leap of starting a “real” business.
I grew up in Eltham, a small town in central Taranaki that had a large amount of industry, including a Meat-works and three different dairy factories. Both my mother and father were wage workers and the idea of starting their own bu...

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