An Effective Follower And Being A Successful Leader Essay examples

An Effective Follower And Being A Successful Leader Essay examples

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Before ever taking the positions of a great leader everyone must learn to follow. Learning to follow is a great step in the ladder to becoming a successful leader. Being an effective follower and being a successful leader have multiple characteristics in common. There are five characteristics that pop out at me when I think of someone that is a very great follower and on their way to becoming a very efficient leader, these being motivated, accountable, the ability to recognize and seize an opportunity, coachable, and ambitious.
Motivation is a key component to becoming an effective follower and getting a job done. If a person is self-motivated they will be more likely to complete the task at hand quickly and more efficiently than if they had no motivation at all. Leaders will look for the person that goes out of their way, without being asked, to get a job done. It is a hassle for a manager to constantly be pushing their employee to complete a task rather than the employee motivating themselves, and doing the job at hand.
Accountability is a necessary characteristic in being a pos...

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