Characters Essay: Three Characteristics Of A Good Leader

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Characteristics of a Good Leader A good leader is not defined by his title but by his or her character. God grant that men of principle should be the principal man. (Thomas Jefferson) There are many characteristics that define a good leader such as humility, integrity and discipline these three characteristics are important foundational principles to lead with great character. Humility is a key ingredient to a good leader, when a leader truly understands the importance of humility one will never have an issue of helping someone else better themselves. “Leaders must emulate the behavior they expect of others, holding themselves to the same standards they want the staff to meet. In creating and sustaining a culture of performance excellence,…show more content…
When one walks in integrity one will always need to know when one must need to assess the current situation in make the right decision for oneself and the company or organization that one works for. A leader will always “feel that gut-wrenching, darker side of human behavior whether it concerns plagiarism, dishonesty, cheating, bias and apathy, one will and is not immune.” (Cipriano, 2015, p. #). As a leader one must still use good judgement on the decisions that we make as leaders, there is a scripture that says “and of perfect men is the strong food, who because of the use are having the senses exercised, unto the discernment both of good and of evil.” (YLT Hebrews 5:14) When we walk in integrity we lead by example. When we are honest as leader’s others will follow. For example, a lady while working as a contract worker for a hospital was one day asked to go to lunch with one of her co-workers, and while going to lunch she said, “hey let’s have a drink, we are at lunch no one will know.” Although this may have been true if she would have yielded and said yes she later could have affected not only her position at work but also her patients. Walking in integrity as a leader not only edifies one’s self but also everyone who is connected to him or
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