An African American Of The World Is Not Black Or White? Essay

An African American Of The World Is Not Black Or White? Essay

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As an African American, to me, the world is not black or white, with shades of gray. The world to me consists of colored or white and anything colored is unacceptable or associated with something unacceptable. I was never born with a silver spoon in my mouth, but instead, my ancestors were the ones who polished the spoons. As a matter fact, if accused of stealing silver, they would be punished immediately without question, without a proper investigation, and without a fair trial. Now in the present day in America, colored people are now given proper investigations and even if the evidence is leaning their way, colored people are still being punished for crimes that they are probably innocent of. Now in the present day in America, a white person who murders a colored person may roam the streets again, but if the roles reverse would it be the same? Would the colored person who murdered someone even make it to a trial, alive?
I can recall this one time I was taking a heavenly nap and woke up to the sound of my mother yelling. I got up running towards the door and headed straight to the living room. My mom had two rivers flowing from her eyes and her left hand was clenching her heart. I asked her what was wrong and all she did was shake her head in disgust and point at the television. “BREAKING NEWS: George Zimmerman found not guilty of murder in Trayvon Martin 's death." My mouth hits the floor and now I was clenching at my heart. I was never more in shock and disgusted. I then realized why my mother was crying. Not only because that could have been me with a pack of skittles and a gray hoody, but also because racism is alive and well. The justice system was definitely not in our favor in that case or any case lately. I have persona...

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...ot a movement, but an insolent to those who are actually fearful for their lives. Would the All Lives Matter movement even exist if the shoe were on the other foot?
Generally speaking, racism has been here for so long that most people have to stop hoping for change and just started preparing themselves for their own racial encounters. I feel that it is so sad that “the land of the free” is not actually free. People view America as the place to start a better life and spread their wings. Nothing will hurt a person more than to work their hardest to be only turned down because of their skin color. People of color are sick of hoping for acceptance and equality because all America really does is put up a united front and treat people who are different as if they were beneath them. What Americans should do is learn to step into someone else 's shoes and gain understanding.

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