The Persuasive Speech: What Is Black Lives Matter?

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Most of us have been taught that we always need to be on our best behavior and try to understand and value different views. I am going to exercise my right to protest by refusing to understand why some of my fellow classmates, sharing a classroom with me because just like me they are on a quest for knowledge, find it difficult to grasp the concept of Black Lives matter. Stop saying all lives matter. We already know that. Black Lives Matter is not an anti-white slogan meant to suggest that other lives do not matter, especially white lives. It is a movement to address the racial disparities practiced by law enforcement agencies throughout our nation. For anyone to say all lives matter is to be willfully ignorant and deny the existence of racism,…show more content…
Alicia Ganza, her close friend Patrisse Cullors and another friend Opal Tometi used a simple slogan to convince people that they should act to change the system. Of course, most of us are on board with the new movement because we get it. We get it because we’ve seen the numbers and we’ve heard the stories. We all sat quietly together and watched the same film 13TH, a 2016 Netflix documentary that highlighted the current state of the mass incarceration of people of color in America. I am sure that after that film some of my fellow students still walked away unconvinced that there is a racial disparity and that statistics lie. I am with Alicia Garza when she says that it makes her angry especially when people try to deny any of this racial disparity is actually…show more content…
On video the whole atrocity unfolds right before our eyes and yet my own classmates, neighbors, juries, and other police do not see what is clear to the rest of us. Maybe they just do not wish to see, because as I mentioned before some people do not want to admit that there is a real problem. And so, my fellow classmates chose to question the Black Lives Matter movement because all these protests and marches just block freeways and damage property. They have decided to turn a blind eye and turn a deaf eye because they refuse to acknowledge what they just witnessed on their smart phones is really happening. To them only their lives
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