Racism Within The Black Community

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Have you ever been discriminated against simply because your skin is darker than the next person? Have you ever been told by someone that “your pretty for a dark skin girl or boy?” Have you ever been racist toward your own race? Since long before we or our parents were born, the black community has faced this problem with racism within the same race. In the black community, it is said that if a person have a lighter skin complexion, than they are superior to those with a darker skin complexion. Racism within the black community is a serious issue that needs to be addressed.
In the black community, African-Americans are discriminating against each other, putting those with lighter skin complexion against ones whose skin is darker. In the African American community it’s like a battle of the skin tones. This type of racism is also known as colorism, the belief that those with lighter, fairer skin are treated with a higher respect than those with darker skin, this issue has been happening for a long time within the African American community. This form of racism is more offensive, severe, and different than the common traditional racism. The African American community is supposed to be united under the race Black, but that is where the problems come in. Under the ethnicity of African American, and have pride in their skin color and supposed to be joined together, there is a system of separation within the different shades of “Black.” In the black community, there are all kinds of shades of black, yellows, light, brown, dark brown, and other shades. According to Dr. Ronald Hall, a social work professor at Michigan State University, "As a result of having been colonized particularly by Spaniards, the British, etcetera, a lot of people...

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...to have such low esteem. According to another young girl named Princess Onwenu, she shared some of the same issues growing up, her views about being dark-skinned are “I have an attitude all the time. I 'm probably not as pretty as most other girls," Onwenu said. "They see light-skinned girls as being prettier and dark-skinned girls are ugly, and I don 't think that 's true.()" Surprisingly, those with lighter skin deals with this issue to. They are also being teased, another high school junior, Taylor Ivey states that people say to him, “Oh, you 're not black enough. '" "It 's almost become a running joke amongst my peers. If you don 't respond to a text message or a phone call immediately then, 'Oh, you 're light skinned. ' We say, 'Oh, you 're light skinned, ' because that 's kind of to suggest that you think that you 're better than other people or too good."()
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