The Importance Of Black Lives Matter

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Why do Black Lives Matter as Opposed to All Lives Matter? When a person thinks about Black Lives Matter, he or she may visualize African Americans fighting for justice and equality. The movement Black Lives Matter was created to bring awareness to systematic racism, police brutality and social injustice that African Americans face on a daily basis. In contrary, All Lives Matter downplays the fact that black people are looked down upon in society. All Lives Matter may seem like an innocent title, but it emphasizes that justice for black people is not necessary. Black Lives Matter is not a movement that believes all lives do not matter; nevertheless, it highlights the fact that black lives are taken for granted by the judicial system. …show more content…

Protests around the world have taken place to fight for justice in the black community. The immense number of deaths of unarmed black men and women is a clear sign that they are more likely to be killed by police than white people. Physical violence and excessive use of force by the U.S. police towards African Americans are seen in the news regularly. “People, including police officers, hold strong implicit associations between blacks, and probably Hispanics, and weapons, crime and aggression," said Jack Glaser. Police brutality statistics show that African Americans are three times more likely to be murdered by cops than any other race. Racial disparity in the United States is a coherent reason for the increase of criminal injustice in the United …show more content…

Whenever you hear about an African American getting killed by the United States police, you never see All Lives Matter supporters protesting. The intentions of the All Lives Matter movement seem to be more spiteful, as opposed to helpful. Every time African Americans yell “Black Lives Matter”, outrage from other racial groups tends to emerge as they yell “All Lives Matter” back. It seems like the All Lives Matter movement is more of a tug a war game with Black Lives Matter, rather than an activist organization designed to bring cognizance to police abuse. If All Lives Matter is based on justice for everyone, supporters of the group would understand that African American people are treated like second class citizens in the judicial system. Therefore, the black community created Black Lives Matter to stop the United States police from murdering them. All Lives Matter was designed to disregard the inequity of African

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that black lives matter was created to bring awareness to systematic racism, police brutality, and social injustice that african americans face on daily basis. it emphasizes that justice for black people is not necessary.
  • Explains that black lives matter is a stepping stone for young african americans and minorities to feel comfortable speaking about injustice they have faced.
  • Argues that all lives matters is a way for people to deny the fact that african americans deal with challenges no other race faces.
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