Abortion And Its Effects On Society Essay

Abortion And Its Effects On Society Essay

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As people, one have a freedom and speech and the will to do whatever one feel is right. Although some choices come with consequences rather they are good or bad. People are still going to place their own opinion, judge, or even fight what a certain person is doing because they do not believe it is right. When you come across something as broad as abortion it really gets people thinking. Some people see it as killing human and religious things, and some peo-ple are looking at it as something they had to do. Rather it is because they were raped, not ready, or it was going to harm them to go through this pregnancy. At what age does a baby re-ceive human right?
Abortion, the practice of removing a fertilized egg from a mother has become a contro-versial issue in the American society. Abortion has existed in almost every society and was le-gal under Roman law, which also condoned infanticide. According to Tomal, Annette, and Seth Norton. “The Effect of Religious Membership and Parental Involvement Laws on Adult and Teen Abortion Rates.” Parental involvement laws may be a proxy for a variable that is also re-lated to lower abortion rates,whether teens or adults. An unborn child is an innocent human be-ing. Ending his or her life is immoral and inconsiderate. The government should not allow women to obtain abortions, no matter how inconvenient the pregnancy is for them. Too many women abort their child without even facing the consequences, why? Because it is easy and le-gal. One should not have unprotected sex if one is not ready to take on the responsibility of tak-ing care of that child. Nevertheless, an unborn child at its earliest stages does not resemble a baby, it is more of a fetus which is described as an unborn offs...

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...math of an abortion could very well go the opposite way of what they had envisioned. Banning abortion can be a big achievement but it can always be done if it is com-pulsory.
In general, it can be concluded that no one in the world has the right to even think of murdering an innocent child. Just because a fetus may not have a complete eye or leg formed does not mean he or she is not a human. Many people who are against death penalty are in favor of abortion. Abortion is one of the worst types of murder because it is the killing of a person who has not committed any sin. Those who practice abortion should receive the same penalty that they give the baby. Having an abortion is the act of inhumanly being and also it 's the act of murder. Kids today take no responsibility at all for their actions, therefore, they need to stand up and be held accountable.

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