Abortion Is A Touchy Subject Like Politics And Religion

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For some, abortion is a touchy subject like politics and religion. In America, abortion has always been a controversial topic of discussion. The Supreme Court in the case Roe vs Wade case set the way of guidelines and the right for women to have an abortion if she chooses. In 2015 abortions is still an ongoing debate amongst religious groups, politicians and normal citizens. People that are for the rights of women to abort are often criticized and ridiculed for standing up for their personal beliefs. There are people who have conditioned their minds to think that women should not be allowed to have abortions if she was not raped or a result of incest, which I strongly disagree with that type of thinking. However, it is the law of the land, it is a women’s right to choose and she has to live with the psychological effects of her choice. Contrary to common beliefs, abortion has been a hot topic 200 years prior to 1972 Roe vs Wade. According to an article by Brian Young, “Life before Roe”, “the first US law against abortion, adopted by Connecticut in 1821, criminalized the administration of poison or of any "destructive substance" to induce a miscarriage…In 1840, however, Maine became the first state to pass a law that expressly protected all babies…” In 1859 The American Medical Association did their own investigation on how to protect the unborn fetus. From 1821 to January 1973 when the Supreme Court handed down the Roe vs Wade there were many laws passed and many laws amended. However, after many disagreements, laws and amended laws by 1973 abortions was the law of the land. Although an abortion was law, there was another huge organization that stirred up even more controversy, Planned Parenthood. According to an article, “Ex... ... middle of paper ... for my life. I personally don’t think life would have offered me much, should I have given birth to my children. In conclusion, laws are passed for a reason in most cases it is to help, not hinder nor harm. Some may argue the Supreme Court should have not passed the bill in 1972 while others believe it is the women right to choose to have an abortion. Even though there will always be the naysayers in the back trying to do away with the law, there too will always be women like myself willing to exercise their right to choose. When the smoke clears and the dust settles, only the women who experienced such events in their life should speak on the psychological effects of abortions. However, I do know, as the poet so puts (Banh, 2014) it, I knew them all though faintly, I loved them all and I will always have an open space in my heart for all my un-born children.
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