Ignorance In Abortion

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There are many controversial issues involved with human abortion. Ignorance is one of the various factors that are giving people the ability to partake in such a horrifying procedure. Parents allowing doctors and other persons to medically terminate the life growing inside of them seem to be misunderstanding what terrors they are allowing to take place. The disturbing fact behind abortion is that prochoice abortionists are murdering the human lifeform growing inside of pregnant mothers. The children being killed will not have the chance to be adopted, because inadequate doctors assure the mother she is doing nothing wrong even though God is forming the children with purpose. Abortion is an ongoing problem persistently murdering innocent…show more content…
There are so many families that are not able to have their own children, but adoption is a great way for child loving families to have the opportunity to raise and bond with children in need of parents. Since there are so many families wanting to adopt a child, there is no reason anyone can fairly say that a child could ever be unwanted. In 2011 a total of “730,322 abortions were reported to Centers for Disease Control” and only 9,319 children were adopted. Adoptions are always great for children and safe for them as well. Background checks and extensive research is always mandatory before child services allow adults to adopt, and when they are clear to make an adoption, a child’s life is changed and in most cases they are saved. It is a mystery why anyone would choose death over life and abortion over adoption. To abort a baby is to not only take the child’s opportunity at life away, but to also take away another family’s chance at having their own…show more content…
There are many reasons and examples in the bible that prove how prochoice God and his followers are. In Psalms chapter 139, verse 13, David is praising God saying, "You made my mind and heart," and that God designs everyone with purpose and meaning in their own mother 's womb. He then goes on to thank God for the life he had blessed him with. This speaks volumes in that everyone should be thankful for the life they are given regardless of what circumstances they are going through. This verse in the bible proves how each person is created with purpose and reasoning. There would be no use for God to form human beings in the womb if senseless people are willing to destroy God 's beautiful creation before they are even

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