A Genealogy Of Dependency By Nancy Fraser And Linda Gordon Essay

A Genealogy Of Dependency By Nancy Fraser And Linda Gordon Essay

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In “A Genealogy of Dependency”, written by Nancy Fraser and Linda Gordon the author’s dissect the word dependency. Dependency is in relation to welfare and government assistance, and how this one meaning has changed throughout history. It is very important to note that although dependency has not always carried a negative mark, it has once upon a time and when it did it was comparable to native people, black people, and women in particular. In this essay I will discuss three main areas from this book that I considered important to me. These areas include industrial dependency, the rise of American welfare dependency 1890-1945, and lastly individual personality.
This book begins by analyzing industrial dependency through the lens of the worker and his negatives. The authors discussed the Protestantism valued work of ethic because of discipline and labor. While reading this section of the book I realized that wage labor developed a progressively more common form of breadwinning, independence, and individuals left out of this were viewed as integrally dependent in this period. This is when gender and racial ideas of dependencies began to emerge, and the political domination and oppression came to be considered as undeserved. The white male workers began insisting civil and electoral rights, when the labor movements became strong and economic independence was considered when property ownership and self-employment came to be about. According to Fraser and Gordon “A second icon of industrial dependency was embodied alternately in the figures of “the colonial native” and “the slave” (pg. 317). The colonial natives and the slaves were important to the economy but were reflected as a dependent because of an essential trait. They were t...

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...d been reduced and became illegal. The situation became acknowledged that a male wage recipient was not sufficient and that women had to work as well. As a result, of doing so every person was now expected to work and support him or herself.
Overall by reading Nancy Fraser and Linda Gordon’s book, I can honestly say that it was not an easy read. I had to go back and review particular parts of the book because I was puzzled. Several individuals typically women have been branded as dependent, because of them being a housewife, native, slave or a poor black young mother. In this book you do not read about any man being branded into the system. Why? For the reason, that man stayed thought of as higher than women in society. All and all Fraser and Gordon strive to come to terms with the concept of the world dependency and the approach it is used to refer to social life.

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