Traditional Values In The American Family By Stephanie Coontz

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As century pass by generation also pass their traditional values to the next generation. some people still think the way their ancestors thought and believe in what they believed in. During the beginning of 1890 people couldn’t have premarital sex, women had to be the caretaker while men was the breadwinner. during this century those perspective have changed argued Stephanie Coontz the author of “The American Family”. Coontz believe women should have more freedom and there should be gender equality. Robert Kuttner, the author of “The Politics of Family” also believe that women should not be only the caretaker but whatever they want as a career. Robert Kuttner 's text does support Stephanie Coontz’ arguments about the issues related to traditional…show more content…
During this generation people reveal everything to the society. They are open about premarital sex, birth control and they don’t hide anything from the society. That’s why some people are concerned if this modern life style will harm children. Coontz stated that “ there are plenty of stresses in modern family life, but one reason they seem worse is that we no longer sweep them under the rug. Another is that we have higher expectations of parenting and marriage. That’s a good thing. We’re right to be concerned about inattentive parents, conflict marriages, antisocial values, teen violence, and child abuse” (96-97). People used to hide a lot of things from the society during the beginning of this century because they followed and valued the traditional norm. During today 's generation people speak out the truth because they don’t believe or follow the traditional values. when Coontz said we have higher expectations of parenting and marriage she means parents were expected to raise their children properly without hurting their kids and providing financial support and as well as family support . When children need to talk to a parent they should have that support. since modern families are changing coontz is worried that whether or not it will harm children lifestyle. Kuttner also agree that “ a…show more content…
Before the 1890s, females had no other options but to live with their parents before marriage and with their husband after marriage. They couldn’t work and if they did their wage was way lower than men. Today many women chose their own lifestyle and have more freedom. They can chose if they want to get married and have kids or not. Coontz said “what 's new is not that women make half their families living but that for the first time they have substantial control over their own income, along with the social freedom to remain single or to leave an unsatisfactory marriage” (98). When women couldn’t work, they had no options but to stay with their husband for financial support. Working is a new way of freedom because they can choose to stay or leave their husband and make their own decisions. It’s not like women couldn’t work before, they could but they didn’t have too much social freedom like to get divorce or not have children. Their voice wasn’t as important as men. Most of the time men had to decide everything in the family and had control over the family. Coontz believe that today women have more control over their own life and they can choose however they want to live their life. Kuttner also agree that “most Americans, after all, believe women should not be consigned to the nursery and the kitchen” (122). Women used to be the mother who

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