Claudine Movie Analysis

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Claudine is a movie about a poor, single parent black family. For families to receive government assistance they have to meet certain qualifications; however, it’s almost as if the system is designed to keep single mothers lonely and dependent on the government. If they don’t work, they’re considered as being lazy, and if they do work or if there is a man in the household, the family has now become ineligible for services. There is no winning in the situation, no matter how it is handled. The need for government assistance upon survival has removed black men from homes and dismantled families. The moment Claudine begins to fall in love with Rupert the dynamics of her family begin to change significantly. Not only does she have to sneak around…show more content…
Government assistance was designed to help those in need, yet if an individual works the system to their benefit, it is seen as taking advantage. However, the biggest question is, do governmental programs provide all of a family’s needs or are they given the bare minimum necessities? This movie helped achieve the course objective of taking a personal exploration of African American cultural experiences for several reasons. Becoming dependent on welfare is the reality of many African American families. The government has become the father of millions of children. If the father does not step up to take care of his responsibilities, welfare will. The relationship between welfare and employment is also significant because although Claudine is employed in addition to receiving help, she can barely make ends meet. Furthermore, the moment Rupert married Claudine, her welfare would be terminated, although it was no way he could take care of the large family on a garbage man salary. What would be the ethical decision, to choose love or welfare? With all of the outside forces, there was no way for Claudine to succeed in a system that was designed for her to
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