A Connection Between Sexuality And Violence Essay

A Connection Between Sexuality And Violence Essay

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A Connection Between Sexuality and Violence
The overall purpose of The Second Sex was to make us aware of the difficulties women face while living in a patriarchal society and to challenge us to think about how we can intervene or try to change it. On the other hand, MacKinnon offered us a different view from Beauvoir. MacKinnon’s argument was that there is no space for female desire at all: we don 't know who women are, what their experiences are as women or even how to understand women. This is because how women feel, desire, love, long and want has always been constructed under a male gaze and under an “umbrella” of male power. In which, makes the entire topic a “closed space.” Whereas Beauvoir refuses to say that there are no women and that there is in fact something called “female subjectivity.” Therefore, it is not completely a “closed space” so we can work with the problems and try to intervene in order to be subversive or revolutionary in order to ultimately have an effect on patriarchy. Spring Breakers and The Piano Teacher stage this dilemma: how does one b...

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