Essay about The World Today Religious Freedom

Essay about The World Today Religious Freedom

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In the world today religious freedom has become a major issue. Religion has a big influence on much of the violence that occurs every day. Religious discrimination is defined as the unequal treatment of an individual because of their beliefs. Statistics have shown an increase in religious hostilities in all of the other major religions in the world, except the Americas. The price of religious freedom seems to be getting harder and harder. Are we going to back down from our religions or take these circumstances in effect and build up our own religious armies against the enemies that the world contains?
We started hearing about this issue in the Middle East first. The group that is very well known as Isis persecutes not only Christians, but also many of the other religions as well. Isis has committed many callous crimes in the world. From beheadings, the slaughter of children, kidnapping women and selling them as slaves, to making their own chemical weapons, Isis’ actions bring chills. It seems that Isis targets Christians the most. There have been many news reports about the terrifying things they have done. Muslim’s are trying to take over the Middle East. An article about the fundamentalism of religion and what it is producing states, “Un-Islamic activities are now forbidden—on pain of a lashing or public execution—range from singing and dancing to watching television or sending girls to school” (Beary).
Religious discrimination has made people in this world live in fear that they might not be able to practice the religion they have known for so long. These people should not have to fear that they may be persecuted because of their religions. They should not have to worry about the possibility of someone coming in and judging th...

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...eir lives. Those nine faithful souls were brave enough to say it, unashamedly, to a gunman that they stood face to face with, even after they saw what the outcome was. They were not ashamed of their faith, yet many people have a hard time just saying it on social media or at public gatherings. It is sad to say that events that occur, similar to this one, are what is making Christians wake up and want to fight for our religion. The feeling of fear comes over many when reading articles, seeing the news, and hearing about these awful things; however, this fear should not be there. Some may see that the bad things that are happening are God 's fault, that he is the one causing them; however, I believe that these things are not his fault. Through the many great things God is capable of, I believe, he can and will bring us through this terrible time in the religious world.

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