What Is Religion Essay

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Defining religion is something very personal. We characterize it with words that we feel resonate with our own beliefs. It is hard to give an unbiased definition of religion. Some religions are about morality, while some are about a way of life. I define religion as a personal belief system in which things such as the earth’s creation and a higher power are given background and purpose. Religion can also serve as a guide to how one should live their life. People who follow a religion live by a set of morals and values determined by creation stories, sacred traditions, and their worshiped deity. Each religion has its own concoction of history and beliefs making it unique. After reading several other definitions of religion, I notice that there…show more content…
Scholars use certain descriptions that draw my attention towards different branches of religion, branches that my surface definition had yet to explore. William James used the phrase “men in their solitude.” The way that I interpret this, James believes that pure religion is a person’s thoughts, beliefs, and faith when in complete mental isolation, unaffected by society and the beliefs of others. He goes on to say that religion is the understanding of where one’s place is in relation to the being that they worship. Catherine L. Albanese described those who worship a certain religion a “community.” This seemingly simple word ties the people of one religion together. The sense of community in religion shows that they have one faith, and that they find support not only with each other, but also in that they worship. These different perspectives on religion, compared to my original definition, show me that there are so many intricate components of religion. Albanese also describes religion as a “system.” This word…show more content…
Religion is a personal aspect of someone’s life. It is difficult to define because it means something different to each one of its worshipers. This meaning could depend on a variety of things. Maybe this person was raised a certain religion, or perhaps this religion found its way into this person’s life. However, studying religion and its meaning moves society forward. We must strive to find a common theme in the meaning of all religions, without room for debate or controversy. Society today, especially in the past few weeks have been in an unrest, and if these conflicts continue, we will be a separate country, repeating a dark history. I believe religion has the power to act as a solution for these conflicts and even if one is not a religious person, respecting and appreciating one’s sense of spirituality, will pave the way for respect on multiple levels. This country was founded on principles of idealism and expansion, so imagine if we could all agree on a generalized, standard, black and white definition of this simple yet intricate part of society. Instead of asking, “what is religion,” I feel as if we should be asking, “what does religion mean to you?” If we begin to rephrase this inquiry, we will begin to get more in depth and personalized answers, leading us to the true meaning of
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