Persuasive Essay On Freedom Of Religion

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Freedom of Religion
Nothing means more to a parent than their children. What is at odds in the debate over vaccinations is how they show it. On one side, you have parents that believe that vaccinating their kids is the best way to keep them healthy. On the other side you have parents that believe saving their children’s souls is more important, and vaccinating their children goes against their religious beliefs. The 1st amendment states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” That right is under attack by mandatory vaccinations in America. Whether we believe in vaccinations or not doesn’t matter, protecting religious freedom is what is at stake. Bobby Jindal said it best,
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That the state is basically committing moral coercion by not having vaccines available that don’t use fetuses, and forcing parents to act against their beliefs or put their children’s and others health at risk. That parishioners have a responsibility to find alternative vaccines. If there are not alternatives, then the parents aren’t condoning the use of aborted fetuses but protecting their children by using them, and it is not seen as a flaw in their beliefs. Much different than the other churches I discussed who believe that by using them it is assault on your beliefs and you will not go to heaven. The Vatican is more concerned with the greater good of the people in keeping everybody healthy (Catholic Church, 2005). Christian Scientists are similar to the Vatican’s view; in that they are not completely against vaccinations, but this is where the similarity ends. Christian Scientists favor spiritual healing. They believe that a calm Christian mind is more powerful against disease than any drug you can take to prevent them. They focus on paying attention to their thoughts, guarding against influences that would hurt them by spending quality time each day in silent sacred moments with God (Vidula,

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