Essay about The World Is A College Of Corporations

Essay about The World Is A College Of Corporations

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As said by the famous Howard Bale, “The world is a college of corporations, inexorably determined by the immutable bylaws of business.” Corporations have always searched for cheap labor hence why Slavery was widely accepted in the infant years of our nation. With the abolishment of slavery these companies had to come up with a cheaper way to get their labor done. For over 100 years after the abolishment they experimented with all types of laborers such as kids, and women but were soon put to a stop by the regulating government. In the 90s they turned to foreign labor. With the increasing force of Labor Unions and the increase of wages factory owners started to see a decrease in their companies’ revenue. By the early 1900s the idea of an open trade system sounded ideal for these corporate owners. Organizations such as WTO (World Trade Organization) began to rise in search of an unregulated commerce and drafts such as the MAI (Multilateral Agreement of Investment) were passed to make it easier for foreign investors. The creation of NAFTA or the North American Free Trade Agreement was eagerly sign in 1992. This agreement between the United States, Mexico, and Canada was put into place in order to knock down barriers of free trade. This allowed citizens, of their respective countries, to exchange products and services in search of a trade surplus.
The beginning of the Neoliberalism in the western hemisphere, that is the economic theory of liberating and opening the market, sounded like a beneficial idea at first. Opening the boarders to free trade between American neighboring countries would facilitate the trade among them. In theory it would have “created new employment opportunities and improve working conditions and living stander...

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...e split between the wealthy and the general population, which meant the richer, got richer and the poorer got poorer.
Although Globalization has made the world a more integrated and connected than ever it has led to corporate hegemony. As repetitively seen in history only the rich benefited from globalization. In an eager attempt to keep America great, corporate companies convinced Americas to believe that we share a common dream. However, it is that vision of being rich that allows them to keep the middle class in check and justify any inhumanity. Ingenious rights, human rights, and workers rights were all being violated to synthesis the upraise of the corporate super powers. People, soon after bills such as the NAFTA, realized and demonstrated their opposition all around the world in an attempt to disconnect from globalization; however, it might have been to late.

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