Film Analysis Of The Film 'The Corporation'

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It is known that corporations play a large part in making the world go around. Many times we read, hear or see stories on companies and why something was done a certain way. The film “The Corporation” has given a whole new insight to not only how businesses operate but what motivates them and their decisions that they make to keep their businesses thriving. This film has opened up a new perspective to me about the mindset of many of the people that have and are running many of the most noticeable household name brands that we have all come to know since childhood. The film does a very good job of explaining how businesses and corporations have not only grown but evolved over the last 40 plus years. We all know that at the end of the day, a company’s goal is to make money. “The Corporation” gave me a very in-depth look at the extent that major corporations will go to in order to keep their company successful and profitable. With many of the companies that were mentioned in the film, the average person such as myself, would never know that the companies that we support and patronize have taken part in modern day slavery to give use the products that we have come to love. The part of this that was most troubling was the fact that these business practices no matter how unethical we find them are in fact legal and do not …show more content…

When we look at the laws that have been broken by so many of the top named corporations, I see why they continue to operate in the capacity that they do. When you take in to account the amount of money taken in for overall profits each year versus the fines levied “if” they are caught breaking the law I can see why they take their chances at being caught or not. Although the fines given are typically large amounts, they really are a mere slap on the wrist when compared to the money earned each

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