Native Americans Shaping the Beginning

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The historical context of the documents complicate the narrative of the United States' "colonial beginnings" because it shows that the original treatment of the Native Americans shaped the United States' beginning, much more than what most are lead to believe. This is shown through the timing of certain events, the issues that caused the events, and the people who helped make many of the events happen or end. The timing of the events, shown through the documents helps uncover some of the where and whys about why the treatment of the Native Americans shaped America’s beginnings. The main timing and reason was colonization. As the European settlers began to colonize the Americas, they saw that they could use the Natives and treat them however they wanted because it was free or low-costly labor. The ill treatment of these people caused many to rebel and revolt against the colonists, or in many circumstances, it caused the Native populations to decline dramatically in numbers. This decimation of the Native American populations left small amounts of people to care for the land, shaping the United States’ environment for future generations. This is part of the reason why many Natives felt resentment to the colonists both in the present time and the future. The order that many of the events happened also affected the issues that first caused the colonization of the Americas. America was originally colonized because European countries were looking for an easier way to the Indies. This brings forth the thought that colonization made life easier for the Europeans. It brought luxuries and items that were needed to countries that requested them and it encouraged more trade throughout the countries. Though this was advantageous for the Europ... ... middle of paper ... ... shaped the United States than what many were originally told. The documents show that Native Americans were treated unfairly and horribly and this pertained to the timing of the situation, many of the things that caused some of the situations, and the introduction of key historical people. Works Cited Andrée M. Collard, "Bartolomé de las Casa," History of the Indies, ed. Joyce J. Contrucci (1999). Adam Smith, An Inquiry Into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, (London: 1776), 190-91, 235-37. Hackett, Charles W. Declarations of Josephe and Pedro Naranjo. Revolt of the Pueblo Indians of New Mexico and Otermin's Attempted Reconquest 1680-82. University of New Mexico Press, 1942. Andrée M. Collard, "Bartolomé de las Casa," History of the Indies, ed. Joyce J. Contrucci (1999). Morton, Thomas. New English Canaan. Old South Leaflets. Vol. 4. Boston: 1883.

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