Workplace Structures : Work Health And Safety And Equal Employment Opportunity

Workplace Structures : Work Health And Safety And Equal Employment Opportunity

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C) Workplace structures are implemented to meet the rights of employees and employers. Examples of workplace structures include legislation, work conditions, trade unions, flexible work patterns and practices, work place culture and leave entitlements. How employees and employers respond to these and their responsibilities will effect overall achievement and wellbeing for both parties. Three workplace structures that assist individuals to manage their family and work expectations are legislation, flexibly work patterns and workplace culture.

Legislations are the legal structures put in place by governments and placed upon business. Legislation in the long run can assist individuals in managing both family and work expectations. Two large legislations placed on workplaces are: Work Health and Safety and Equal Employment Opportunity.

Health and Safety has a role in trying to minimise the large number of work related illnesses and injuries that occur. It is the government’s role to monitor this and try to minimise the number of illnesses, injuries and fatalities that occur in the Australian workforce. Legislations regarding this can be found in the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (Cth) (WHS). WHS not only try’s to reduce and prevent injury and illness but also works to reduce costs associated with injury.
The primary duty of care for individuals is placed on a ‘person conducting a business or undertaking’ (PCBU), basically the same role as an employer. It is their duty to ensure (if it is reasonably practical) that risk is minimised for everyone, including themselves, employees, customers and visitors. The PCBU must also ensure provision and maintenance of the work environment, safe structures and safe systems of work. To achiev...

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... the ability to do anything that a walking individual can do.
Work expectations are also met as everyone hired has been given a fair go. This means a wider variety of individuals can be hired and a broader range of people to be working alongside this can increase spiritual wellbeing of employees as they see everyone deserves to be treated equally. e.g. a gay nurse has the same opportunity as the straight nurse at getting a job at the local hospital meaning there is greater diversity in the work place. EEO also means that individuals that may have been treated unfairly before can feel empower and motivated in their job as they are seen as equals and can know that they will be treated fairly. This improves emotional wellbeing and can improve work ethic and perform better at their task. This can create opportunities for work promotions increasing financial wellbeing

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