The Economic and Legal Factors for XYZ Coroporation

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In anticipation of the upcoming Initial Public Offering (IPO) and the resulting transition of XYZ Construction, Inc. from a privately held corporation to a publicly owned and traded entity, the owners root desires an investigation into the essential economic and legal factor associated with this new status. Specifically, the research will analyze economic and legal factors as well as the employment and labor law issues that might influence the organization both domestically and internationally. XYZ management goals are to increase the organization’s profits through improved working conditions, salaries, and benefits (Business Financial Systems, 2009, p.409). As the company grows domestically and internationally, hiring additional employees may be a necessity. Whether you hire your own employees or independent contractors, you will need to have a solid understanding of federal and state labor laws covering everything from benefits and wages to discrimination and harassment. This is to cope with additional tasks that must be performed as a result of operational expansion. Another option is to train existing employees for additional functions that they may perform. Those who can qualify may be assigned to jobs in the new international marketing or production outlet of the company. Employment and Labor Law This law is the one capable of explaining the economic motivation, background and implication of employment and labor regulation so as to help the policymakers, researchers and advocates express their own positional ideas (Simpson, 2011). Employment and Labor law initially arose out of protection for employee as a result of the outcomes being one-sided towards employers. There are four categories dealing with employment law. The ... ... middle of paper ... ... this level, participation in global business can help XYZ to achieve economies of scale that cannot be achieved in domestic markets (Breser-Pereira, 2009). In order for XYZ Construction, INC., to function properly in the domestic and international market, safety and health, economic, employment and labor laws forces must be clearly understood. Organizations are affected by laws and regulations in all their business activities, such as hiring & firing decisions, workplace safety, the manufacturing and marketing of products, and business financing (Business Financial Systems, 2009, p.338). For XYZ management to have good business etiquette, their knowledge of the laws and regulations will be essential and beneficial to the organization (Business Financial Systems, 2009). This knowledge of the laws and regulations will help the organization to prevent legal disputes.

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