Essay on Women’s Rights in the Middle East

Essay on Women’s Rights in the Middle East

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Women’s rights in Iran or the Middle East has always been an arguable issue. Although there rights have been changed throughout the centuries they were never really compared equal to men or noone really accepted them. Specially for women in Iran, they barely had any rights in culture, marriage or other aspects of their lives. In the following essay you will read about the everday lives of Middle Eastern women.
During the Iranian Revolution in 1979 transformed Iran’s political,social,and economic structure. Secular Laws were replaced with Islamic laws creating an outburst. Women were often abused,raped,treated as slaves,and accused of false imprisonment. These tortures things that most women had to face are against the Islamic religion. For example, in the Quran it is stated “God treats men and women as spiritual equals”. Meaning that even though men and women are not created the same way with the same functions in how the body is they still have equal rights.
In society women have always been looked upon as housewives that cook, clean, and have children. They have no right of having an education,owning property, or being the leader of the family even if the husband dies. Men were allowed to hold 4 marriages while women could be only married once. Even the custody of the children was in the hands of the father and if he died the wife stil couldn’t have the custody it would go to the male relative of the father’s side.
Another thing that was required of women was there clothing. They had to wear loose clothing or a cloak so the non-marriagle men couldn’t see their bodies structure and a head scarf that would cover there hair fully. No part of ther hair was allowed to show and they had to be covered fully. Islam in general is ...

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...d equally. They could work outside there hometowns and take upon different types of work. They had more freedom than other women but they were still expected to follow the same rules as other women in the society. Even they had to cover themselves and wear the head scarf.

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Essay on Women’s Rights in the Middle East

- Women’s rights in Iran or the Middle East has always been an arguable issue. Although there rights have been changed throughout the centuries they were never really compared equal to men or noone really accepted them. Specially for women in Iran, they barely had any rights in culture, marriage or other aspects of their lives. In the following essay you will read about the everday lives of Middle Eastern women. During the Iranian Revolution in 1979 transformed Iran’s political,social,and economic structure....   [tags: Women’s Rights, Iran, feminism, human rights, Midd]

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