Hijab in the Qur’an: The Beginning

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Hijab in the Qur’an: The beginning

Woman has to struggle to survive in this world. Woman faces variety of challenges everyday starting from cultural to economics. It is even harder to live for a Muslim woman when she is hijaabi. Wearing Hijab is a very popular thing among Muslim woman just as wearing Turban for shikh man. Hijab may seem like a simple head cover, worn by Muslim women for many years, but it is very meaningful to a muslim women. The word hijab comes from the Arabic word “hajaba” meaning to hide, to conceal the body, beauty from strangers gaze, and act as a barrier, like a curtain . Wearing hijab started many years ago with scholars’ argument does it refer to the outer surface of a woman's garments, that she covers every part of her body? Or does it give an exception to face and hands, and female ornaments such as rings, bracelets, and make-up? There are additional ambiguous Koranic for women to draw the "khimar" (or scarf) to cover the "jayb" (or bosom/upper chest), and for "the wives and daughters of the Prophet and the women of the believers to draw their "jalabib" (or cloaks) close round them. ” The latter interpretation has been adopted from Abu Jafar al-Tabari, who favour the hijab option7. Some scholars says it may also be left to the Muslim woman to decide for herself, whether she wants to cover up fully with the niqab, as an expression of her faith and Islamic identity, or not.

Hijab: Muslim women’s powerful weapon

The holy text of Islam is known as the Quran that has never been changed and believed to be the most beautiful book in Arabic. This Arabic text is believed to be the word of God that has been revealed to the Prophet Muhammad. The purpose of wearing hijab varies. The purpose of the hijab can not...

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