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I have chosen The Woman's Hospital of Texas for my LTT1 task. It was founded in 1976 in Houston, TX. The Woman’s Hospital of Texas is affiliated by the Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), which offers health services for women and newborns. The Woman’s Hospital of Texas has been one of the state’s foremost care providers for women and newborns for more than 30 years with over 650 board-certified physicians. The hospital also received a High-Performing ranking in gynecology in the U.S. News & World Report's (2008) annual survey with an overall ranking of #40 in Texas, recognized in Gulf Coast and ranked #13 in Houston metro area.
According to the Medical Journal Houston (The Leading Source for Healthcare Business News, November 2008 ), major growth that enhanced patients care was a newly incorporated design of the hospital. The goal of the new design was to increase the ability to care for more patients and to make improvements on the function of the hospital, while staying mindful of current and future trends in women’s gynecologic, obstetric, pediatric, and general healthcare. Another priority is keeping medical care accessible to newborns at all times – and quickly. To address this issue, the most critical care nursery was placed immediately adjacent to the operating room suites. Now instead of having to mobilize a computer, with the redesign all patient rooms have a local computer in place. This helps the medical staff with being able to stay in patients’ rooms unlike before. The redesign also included a just like home ambiance to allow patients a relaxed environment and also allows patients the use of their own electronic devices with wireless Internet access.
With a mission of providing exceptional compassionate custo...

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