Canadian Primary Health Care

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Primary health care is the essential step to the Canadian health system. It is often associated with other specialized health care sectors, and community services. Many patients visit various services under primary health care such as family doctors' offices, mental health facilities, nurse practitioners' offices; they make phone calls to health information lines, for example, Tele-health; and receive suggestions from physicians and pharmacists (First Ministers; meeting on healthcare, n.d.). This service can prevent patients from visiting the emergency department, when all that is required is some guidance and advice. Having primary care services can reduce the consumption of acute beds, where only seriously ill patients can use the acute beds when it is available. Primary care not only deals with sickness care, but it helps patients receive preventable measures; it promotes healthy choices (Primary health care, n.d.). The focus on appropriate health care services, when and where they are needed, enhanced the ability of individuals to access primary care in various settings: at home, in a hospital or any number of family health care venues, such as Family Health Teams (FHTs), Community Health Centres (CHCs), or Nurse Practitioner- led clinics. This paper will look at the litigious heated argument in the Romanow Report concerning primary care. It will begin with a discussion of the outcome of the Accord on Health Care Renewal (2003) and The First Ministers' Meeting on the Future of Health in Canada (2004), both referring to primary care, which will then be followed with an assessment and analysis of the different ways in which the accords have been addressed in support of primary care. Followed by a discussion about the changes on ... ... middle of paper ... ...ian Medical Association Journal, 168(2), 141. Health Services Research Foundation. (n.d.). CHSRF - Romanow Commission . Splash . Retrieved February 1, 2011, from Makarenko, J. (2007, April 1). Romanow Commission on the Future of Health Care: Findings and Recommendations | | Canada's Premier Political Education Website!. Retrieved January 26, 2011, from Primary health care - Fact Sheet - First Ministers' Meeting on Health Care September 2004. (n.d.). Welcome to the Health Canada Web site | Bienvenue au site Web de Sante Canada. Retrieved January 31, 2011, from

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