Why Is Listening Important For A Business Organization? Essay

Why Is Listening Important For A Business Organization? Essay

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So let’s march on over to become in tune with the importance of listening. What is the most important quality in a salesperson? Is it persistence? Quick thinking? It’s not even persuasiveness. According to Christina Holbrook McEntee, the most important quality in a salesperson is the ability to listen. Brenda Ueland explains that this is because the people who “really listen to us are the ones we move toward, and want to sit in their radius as though it did us good.” Attracting people presents us with a valuable opportunity. Rather than soaking up the extra attention, we should use this as a time to learn about others, get more ideas, and even listen to our own intentions. Listening is essential in our professional worlds. In Why is Listening Important in a Business Organization by Janice Tingum, she explains, “In a business organization, listening is key to effective working relationships among employees and between management and staff… Listening is essential to building trust. If one member of a team doesn’t listen to instructions, an entire project might fail.”

Listening is equally important in our relationships with family and friends. Taking time to listen assists us in building new relationships and strengthening our existing ones. Think about who you go to when you need advice. The person you are picturing unlikely tells you exactly what to do. Instead, the people we go to are usually the kind of people that are gentle, and truly listen to you without immediately offering a solution. “Being a poor listener is associated with poorer social and emotional sensitivity.” Louisiana State communication experts Christopher Gearhart and Graham Bodie conducted a study on over 300 undergraduates in which they found a correl...

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...ruly listen to others, so I put these steps in action during one of my difficult classes. By asking more questions and being intentional about paying attention, I suddenly found myself retaining more information. Not to mention, I could tell my teacher appreciated my attentiveness over my former glossed-over facial expressions.

Now, I’m not saying we should not embrace playing to our own tune. Instead, I am arguing that in life, before we can play our own song and embrace our individualism, we need to learn how to listen to others. In the process of listening, we hear the music of others, and this allows us to join in to create a united rhythm and harmony. This harmony spills over into our own lives as we develop the ability to maximize our relationships, learn from others, and create a meaningful dialogue that results in us being able to listen to ourselves.

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